About Us

We exist to help women transform businesses!

So many women find themselves starting up or running a business because they have a love for something that they decide they would like to turn into a business. They might know and love delivering their skill and talent to their customer, but find they are not so sure about what it takes to make a success out of turning that skill and knowledge into a business.

They then realise that they have created a job for themselves and not a business! The job they have created is stressful, doesn't pay enough, it disrupts everything else in life and they wonder "what's this all about?"

Then there's all the legal and financial stuff, compounded with how will I find enough customers to make this work?

That's where I AM WOMAN fits in.

  • We help women create awesome businesses - not stressful jobs!
    - You will get crystal clear and have a clear focus
    - You will know your market
    - You will be passionate about your brand
    - You will start making the profits you deserve
    - You'll  work on what's important that offers you the best results
    - If you need funding we can even introduce you to potential investors
  • We help women transform themselves (after all their businesses will only grow as fast as they do!) 
    - You will learn from 'best in class' women
    - You will become more confident and flourish
    - You will discover the small shortcuts to big achieve BIG RESULTS!
    - You will receive accelerated coaching and master classes to speed-up your transformation
  • We help women transform how they do business
    - You will have access to a wealth of business people and resources
    - You will learn from great female role models
    - You'll have opportunities to try things out, whilst you are supported
    - We will take notice of what you do and support your transformation
    - We will introduce you to people who will transform your business
  • We help women transform the stressful jobs they have created into profitable businesses
    - You will re-shape your job into a profitable business
    - You will develop the confidence you lack
    - You will know how to transform your business online and offline
    - You will know how to make money even when you sleep!
  • We transform women if they are running their own business, or working in someone elses businesses
    - You will learn the essential 'how to's' in business
    - You will learn from the experiences from others how to put what you learn into practice 

    - We will showcase your business and introduce you to other businesses
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"The true definition of madness is doing the same things and expecting a different result!

That's why it's so important that in I AM WOMAN we help you to transform your mindset, so you can transform your business.

Surround yourself with awesome women, come join us........

Cheryl Bass - I AM WOMAN Creator & Founder

Women join us because they want to be the best version of themselves they can be!

They want to develop new business contacts and skills so that they can keep themselves and their businesses sustainable and profitable.
After all, a business will only grow as fast as we do!

We host monthly themed events and master classes that represent key challenges faced by women in business, delivered by women working in business - just like you!

We support women just like you!

We help you to feel even more inspired and motivated and encourage you to constantly challenge yourself. Take you and your business up to that next level - whatever that might be or look like for you!

We have a unique format at all of our events that focuses upon you constantly developing learning, meeting new people, sharing experiences and resources and you leaving our events inspired, motivated, well connected, with new business updates and transformational business shortcuts you can put to work straight away!

our members


Our members naturally share their life stories, experiences, resources and knowledge and learn from each other.

Together, we will help you make your business a success.


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We surround ourselves with women who like us, enjoy helping women to grow in business success and who have spoken at our events throughout the UK. Some of these faces might be familiar to you and include:

Patricia Lester
Of Charles & Patricia Lester
International Designers supplying the elite with ranges and clothing

Nancy Crutshank 
Founder of My Handbag.com and My Showcase
Who took Vogue online

Sharon Davis MBE
Olympic swimmer winning silver and gold medals.
TV presenter and Patron of children's charities

Lisa Marie Brown
Founder of Pinkspiration
Awarded by UnLtd as a Social Entrepreneur and Welsh Government Role Model. Ambassador for Start Up Britain.

Shirley Davis-Fox MBE
Political Director in hair Council
Relentless campaigner for the professionalism and regulation of hairdressing  industry.

Alison Tod
Highly respected name in couture millinery
Her talent is exceptional and world class.

Julia Brooker
International Artist
Who's art can be found in the most prestigious venues in Hong Kong, New York, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Stuttgart and London

Christine Hamilton
Author and media personality
Who reinvented herself despite all odds!

Margaret Carter
Patron of I AM WOMAN
Founder of Patchwork Traditional Foods Ltd