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I AM WOMAN Coaching

I AM WOMAN is dedicated to helping women create profitable, successful businesses, not boring stressful jobs! So many women think employing themselves is all about replacing a job working for someone else, with a job where they are their own boss. They think of the salary they were once paid and think it's all about creating that same income by doing similar things.


Setting up a business is not about creating a job, it's about building a business AND THAT'S WHERE I AM WOMAN FITS IN!


Our coaching style is relaxed but totally focused upon us supporting you to achieve your goals.

You might lack the vision and focus you need, you might need help to deal with a particular problem, you might want to do through business start-up or business development training or focus on particular topics.

You might even be wanting to shape up your business and business plan in anticipation of applying for business investment.

Wherever you are at we can get alongside you.

We always have at our disposal lots of tools and techniques to work with you to 'think-outside-the-box', but sometimes we recognise we are your trusted adviser and are there in a designated time and space to be a sounding board.

We recognise that you might already have all the answers and all you need is someone to authenticate you and them.

We use a host of techniques to get you out of the way of your sabotages and onto the path of success where you can genuinely sense that potent and powerful you running your business successfully.

We explore your market and identify where you would like to position yourself in it. From your competitor analysis we can create new products in your market or adapt your products and services so you can compete at your most creative and strategic levels.

Coaching session after coaching session you become clearer about your end game and through taking purposeful steps you gain that sense of achievement and confidence in your business and abilities that you never thought you would achieve.

Every step of the way we are there with and for you, offering 1-2-1 support, online support and Skype interventions, when required.

When and where other connections or signposting is required we help you build your network of trusted advisors around you.

You will never ever feel alone again when you join our coaching programmes. Your success is our success and we journey alongside you all the way - no matter what it takes!

  • Women thinking of leaving their jobs to become self employed
  • Women starting-up a fast growth business
  • Women in a management or leadership role running someone elses business

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Your business will only grow as fast as you do. So how fast are you prepared to grow?


Thinking of Starting A Business?

You might be employed and considering going part-time or looking to retire and start-up a business or you have just reached that stage in your life where you want to be your own boss.

We can work through with you what your business idea is and help you establish critical pre-start business goals with you. If you fail to plan - you are planning to fail!

Business Start-Up

Starting-up in business can be really daunting. You might have a core skill or talent, but making any money from it is another matter. Then you need to work out what kind of a business you would be best registering as sole trader or limited company etc.

Then there's some pretty BIG QUESTIONs:

  • How much will I need to get started?
  • What are my legal responsibilities?
  • Who do I need to speak to first?
  • Do I need a bank account, who do I go to and what will they expect me to know or have?
  • How much do I need to make just to stand still and cover my bills?
  • How to I price my product or hourly rate?
  • Can I work from home?
  • How do I market myself?
  • What about social media?
  • How do I manage my business?
  • How do I employ someone and what do I need to do this?

Grow Your Business

Lots of businesses start-up and then get to a stage where they just feel that they standing still, which usually means going backwards.

What we need is to have is support to help us step outside of our businesses to work on it instead of in it. This helps us see things differently, we regain our confidence, inspiration, passion and motivation.

We help you to:

  • Resestablish your business strategy
  • Explore you your key business drivers, objectives, what's holding you back and what are the key things that you can do to accelerate your growth
  • Review your people plans and how you can morivate and inspire your team to achieve optimum success
  • Develop policies, sytems and processes to refresh where you are now to where you, your business and your teams needs to be.

Marketing You And Your Business

We help you to:

  • Carryout market research
  • Explore who your competitors are
  • Create your unique selling proposition
  • Develop a marketing strategy that might include an online digital marketing strategy.
  • Develop you website including it's content

Progress Your Career Plans

We help you to:

  • Find your potency, passion and purpose in life
  • Explore you your inner voice and your vision of your future
  • Clarify your  career plan and path, establishing with you your long term, medium term and short term goals
  • Develop a powerful and professional CV 
  • Get the support you need as and when you need it, by offering to you flexible coaching and mentoring support, helping you achieve the success you deserve at work

We also offer additional coaching, mentoring and advisory support :

VIP Coaching Full-Day - £595.00

Business Acceleration Half-Day - £300.00

Business Start-Up or Growth - £125.00 per hour


To access this unique range of coaching please contact one of our friendly
I AM WOMAN team by:

Telephoning: 07581 210 004 or