Do you piss-off before you make a success of something? – Are you lacking persistence?

July 31, 2017 | Breaking News

For the past 25 years I have worked helping people in business and I’ve had the pleasure of working with global and local brands. I always say “same problems – different faces!”
When you setup and grow a business being PERSISTENT is critical to your success.
Over the weekend I watched the Michael Keaton McDonald’s Franchise Movie

A great lesson in persistence and identifying ‘what business you are really in”. Michael Keaton was obviously persistent, but I asked myself at the end of the movie, did he really need to do that! What does your persistent barometer look like or “have you pissed-off before you made a success of something?”Any business in my opinion needs at least three years before the owner works out what business they are in and what business they want to be in.People start off ‘unconsciously incompetent’ – if they really know what they needed to know before they started off in business, I don’t think they would have started it! As time passes they become consciously incompetent and that’s when they get to know what they really don’t know – that’s the scary part!!!! It’s what they do next that could make them a success or failure. Are they going to ‘piss-off’ or ‘persist’ in business, or will they persist in:
  • Developing the template of making what they do work. In the Franchise Movie it showed how the footprint of the McDonalds kitchen was developed
  • Put in place systems and operational procedures
  • Well trained staff who are rewarded well
  • Calculating all the financials – so things add up and make a profit
  • Doing what needs to be done, even though you just don’t want to do it anymore

I AM WOMAN has been running for nearly 7 years and it’s been my persistence that has driven it’s ongoing growth and development. I love I AM WOMAN and everything it stands for. It’s awesome watching all of the businesses associated with us growing, sometimes growing together, sometimes growing in very unexpected ways. Growing from women employing themselves into women growing a business that’s much, much bigger than themselves and on the cusp of so much more than they ever imagined.

If you think your business ideas have the potential of becoming something really special then I really would love to chat to you to see how I AM WOMAN can help you. We have so many resources and connections we would love to be sharing with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you x

Cheryl Bass
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