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January 24, 2018 | Thought For The Day

  • How many things have you started but not finished?
  • How many diets have you started and stuck to?
  • How many bad habits have you said you’d break?

We all promise to do things. It’s easy to diet just after we’ve eaten a huge meal lol!, Then when the next day arrives we come up with so many excuses, some of them we actually believe lol!

Did you know 60% of all people who pay their gym membership by standing order never go there and can pay to belong to the same gym for years and never ever visit, what’s that about?

Every time we promise to do something and then don’t, we slowly erode the faith we have in ourselves and the faith other people have in us.

I lost the word ‘trying’ out of my vocabulary some years ago. I quit trying anything, as the trying bit is the struggling bit.

Isn’t it time you accelerate you in 2018?

  • So what are your business goals for 2018 and who will make you accountable to achieve them?
  • How will you know when you have achieved them?
  • What does their success look like, fee like and how will you be profiting from achieving them?

So many women don’t like thinking about let alone talking about money, but can end up in very deep water when they try turning their love into a business. help and support that could have got them profitable faster gets ignored. They run out of money before they run out of ideas. Ultimately they loose savings, faith in themselves, time they could have been doing something more productive and family relationships torn.

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Author: Cheryl Bass

E: info@iamwoman.biz

T: 07581 210004