Is it time for you to overcome your fear and got more faith in yourself?

October 26, 2017 | Breaking News, Business News, Thought For The Day, WELLNESS

In life I guess we all fear something, stress can make what we fear become overwhelming.

Fear can feel like:


And because of that our reality becomes what we react to and what we live.

Making that shift from fear to faith can be achieved in an instant because it’s us making a shift in our thought patterns that makes a shift in our emotions and therefore our reality becomes a completely different entity to work with and from.

Aristotle said “so as we think so we become” our thoughts are so incredibly powerful.

Our motivation and ability to brand and market ourselves and our businesses needs to come from a place of faith not fear! 

Is it time you learnt how to master making your shift from fear to faith?

I AM WOMAN this month is all about branding and marketing that brand to achieve extraordinary  results. Lyn Perry – Faith Coach & Healer is one of our speakers helping us make the fear to faith shift.  “I’ve practice a journey of faith for over 30 years and I’ve helped hundreds of people to be released from fear, torment and bondage. I look forward to sharing with you how you can overcome your fear, especially when you are putting brand you out there in the marketplace. Let’s explore your shift from fear to having greater faith in yourself”

Lyn will be supported by Mandy St John Davey – Property Expert with a multi-million international property portfolio. “I look forward to sharing with you how I started developing my property portfolio from a single investment into a multi-million international property portfolio. I’ll share with you how I do business to create my personal and business branding online and off-line. You might be starting in business or growing a business, if you are your brand needs to be the very heartbeat of how you do what you do”

Our third speaker is the exceptionally talented Alison Edgar The Entrepreneurs Godmother who is one of the UK’s most talented branding and marketing. “I’ve enjoyed over 20 years experience in the sales industry and I’ve come across every tip, trick and technique in the book. I look forward to sharing my experience with you in an easily understandable format. It’s by learning and implementing my system you will see a noticeable difference in your sales results and see a noticeable increase in your profits”

So if you want to trick and treat stepping up and out with your branding and marketing next Tuesday night 31.10.2017 – 6.00pm, Mercure Cardiff then do book to come along. Visitors are most welcome. Tickets start from just £15.00 p’head and includes a Cocktail & Canape Networking Reception. Further info: