October News and date for your diary 31.10.2017 -The I AM WOMAN Academy Launches

September 25, 2017 | Breaking News

I am like you. I am growing a business and need ongoing support and direction from women who I respect and feel confident enough to take advice from.

Lisa Marie Brown says “Having great mentors around me in I AM WOMAN has really helped me feel comfortable being at the edge of what I don’t know and ‘have a go!”

Lisa Marie Brown who is the number one women on LinkedIn saye “It’s when we don’t know or face challenged in life that we really need strong people behind us pointing us in the right direction and offering us encouragement when we loose the plot!”

I’ve spent lots of time looking at what’s available for women who are setting up and growing a business and to be honest, there is not a lot out there in the public sector anymore.

Surrounding myself with positive people who can support me and who care about my success is essential to me keeping my confidence in myself and what I do.

When my son was born over 30 years ago with cerebral palsy the best advice and support I received was from women facing the same challenges as me. The women I respected were the women who had faced the same adversities and who could genuinely empathise with where I was at and what I really needed.

Do you feel like that in business, do you need to be alongside other women just like you who are eager to care about each others success and learning together the ‘how’ in business.

We have shifted up a gear in I AM WOMAN and have converted our I AM WOMAN Membership into a Membership of our I AM WOMAN Academy, which is set to be launched next month – Tuesday the 31st of October in Mercure Holland House Cardiff.

October for us is all about BRANDING and we have three awesome speakers – all talking about the ‘how’ in developing and taking you and your brand to market.

Our Key-Note Speaker is the awesome Mandy St John Davey. Mandy will take us on her journey from how she launched her multi-million property portfolio and property mentoring services into the market.Mandy is followed by Alison Edgar, who calls herself The Entrepreneurs Godmother and is one powerhouse of marketing strategies, tips and techniques that are simple and what make sales and marketing work for entrepreneurs. Lynne then joins us to share with us the ‘how’ of recognising our fear when we start sabotaging putting ourselves out there and to turn it around to having faith in ourselves.

Wow what a line-up! – I am super excited!!!

We are inviting the 100 Top Business Women in Wales to join us and for them to ‘gift’ an invitation to another woman in business who is starting or eager to develop a business. So be prepared – this will be a packed-out event and ‘the’ event to be seen at this year ladies. The press and media will all be invited to capture some of the most talented women in Wales joining together in support of one another.

There will be lots of exciting things to share as we launch our new brand, as we help other women brand themselves.

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