Starting-up or growing a business?

January 29, 2018 | Business News


I work with so many people starting-up or growing a business – they all have one thing in common – they forget that they are selling themselves!

Developing the confidence to recognise this is half the battle.

Why is it that we put qualifications first, or we try and justify our experience etc to be able to do the job?

We forget that it’s ‘us’ people are buying, not our qualifications, but our likeability, lovability, our empathy, our listening skills and our desire to work with that person to help solve a problem or deliver a need.

Face-to-face selling is still the most powerful way to obtain business.

That involves you putting you in front of as many people as possible and resonating with their needs. Offering solution options to solve their problems.

Relationship marketing is the key to your success, but how do you intend to build relationships and continually build and keep your relationships.

Have you already recognised that you need a relationship marketing plan to do this?

It’s not about blasting social media with a ‘me-too!’ approach as a specialist of everything.

It’s about clearly positioning yourself in a market and building relationships within the market positions you choose to compete within.

If you are starting-up or growing a business you might be interested in getting alongside like-minded women aspiring to accelerate their growth and success. I AM WOMAN is designed to get alongside you to help you flourish personally and professionally.

Your business will only grow as fast as you do, so let’s get busy!

I AM WOMAN is meeting tomorrow night, 6pm starting with a Cocktail & Canape Networking Reception – so there’s lots of relationships you can start developing and doing some future business with. Lots of opportunities for you to showcase what you love doing, three great speakers sharing their top business tips, Q&A and even more networking in the bar over a cheeky glass of Merlot & chunky chips.

Visitors welcome. CLICK HERE for further info/book tickets