The Menopause – what do we really know about it?

December 4, 2016 | WELLNESS

I do hope you enjoy this previously debated discussion on the menopause as I know so many are almost driven crazy by it.

Perhaps you might be going through the menopause, preparing for it or are out the other end – I trust you find the discussion thread of interest to you.

HELP! – The menopause has hit ladies and I must admit I was suffering without even knowing that much about it, any advice?

I am 54 and for the past 2 years I have been dealing with the hot sweats. I’ve had breast cancer, so HRT is out. My diet is excellent and I’ve been taking sage that helps with the hot sweats. But this week the whole psychological thing hit when I was officially diagnosed.

I have even had a hysterectomy so having any other children was out long years ago. But it’s the whole notion of my body moving into a different phase of being that has meant I had to retreat a while to find peace with all that the menopause is to a woman.

I would really welcome some advice, guidance, tips or experiences to be shared. You might be someone like me struggling too, would love to share your experience, we might be able to offer some tips to one another…….

Bernadette NicholasI had terrible night sweats but through that and everything else that came with it I found that accepting it as a normal stage of life made it easier to cope with. Railing against something that is an inevitable part of our growing older turns it into a battle. Gently manage it and look for the positive. X
Cheryl Bass how did you deal with the hot sweats?


Bernadette Nicholas Threw the duvet off and got a towel. I have to say I didn’t take any medication, HRT or herbal, although some people do. Not very helpful I know but i don’t think there’s a magic remedy. It comes down to what works for you and what you’re prepared to put up. I only had the occasional hot flush in the day so counted myself lucky in that respect

Gillian Potter I take a supplement by Quest called Flavanon4 with phyto-Oestrogens. I buy through a health food shop ( Jan de Vries shop in Troon ) and it is £10.45 for one month supply. I started it after my GP took me off my HRT in January and I think it helps. I also take starflower oil capsules.

Tomasa Macapinlac I am holistic practitioner. So I’ve been able to manage with Chinese Herbal Patent Formulas and you might want to check out my video on how to cool your body down

Cheryl Bass Tomasa Macapinlac is there a Chakra for the menopause. I was shown a spot just up from the inside of my ankle?

Tomasa Macapinlac The 7 chakras on your body are for different things. I recommend that you keep all of them balanced because they will affect the whole endocrine system period. Actually, you have to opt-in to get a sample of my non-medical formula to stay youthful from the inside out and this will help your entire endocrine system –


Cheryl Bass What about the psychological side of things Bernadette Nicholas and Gillian Potter?

Gillian Potter Well I was taking an anti-depressant Cheryl before my HRT ( Prozac since Sept 2014) was stopped but I do think they have helped me ( and we are all unique) and I have other health issues but the lady in the health food shop recommended these and definitely worth a try.

Cheryl Bass Gillian Potter interesting that Prozac an antidepressant was prescribed alongside HRT medication. I have never taken any antidepressants and have focussed upon my faith and guided meditation. Gill did the antidepressants help you or were there stages when you felt they were masking the symptoms or other things going on?

Tomasa Macapinlac Also when it comes to healthy breast, I have this video for you –

Bringing ancient healing methods to you so you can stay healthy


Caroline Rowlands I feel your pain Cheryl. After 3 years hard work to shift a lot of unwanted weight the menopause hit me 9 months ago and promptly gave me some of it back overnight! That coupled with the night sweats and a serious lack of sleep found me retreating into a zombyish semi reclusive state again! Not good so I gave in and started HRT patches (didnt help) but there is some good news … i stopped the HRT 2 weeks ago having found a natural progesterone hormone replacement cream. 2 weeks in and so far so good. Im averaging a full nights sleep every other night and the sweats havent come back. If you want the name of product let me know and i will send it on later.

Tomasa Macapinlac So everyone thinks they have a healthy diet, I find that healthy is different for each individual. What I have found is that the cleaner my diet is, the less likely that I’m going to experience menopause. I’m 52 years old, vibrant, healthy and deal wiSee More

Karen Thrush Cheryl Bass Kinesiology can help to see exactly what is going on in your body and what it needs to rebalance your hormones often black cohosh and vit e can help but best to test exactly what you need. Happy to book you in in the new year. Xx

Amanda Dear As someone who has gone through this I have people around you that you can lean on but that will be honest with you when you are being a dick
Go with it. I felt knackered a lot and tried to ignore it. That doesn’t work Give a shout if you want a chat – I have had the tshirts a while x

Gaynor Martin Hi i take juice plus and a healthy clean diet, have had no problems so far, anyone interested in a wholefood plant based nutritional product please message me. I have lots of customers with great success xx

Bernadette Nicholas On the psychological side Cheryl I’m no expert and found my mood changed depending on whether something fitted or whether my knees hurt. I found reading Pema Chodren and similar helped. A little bit of mindfulness and some healthy self esteem. Oh and friends to laugh with smile emoticon


Tomasa Macapinlac Interesting about knees hurting because the knees help you to move forward.

Kath Hiscock I’m with you on this one Lady B. Trying to exercise, eat healthily and let nature take its course at the minute!

Sara Flay Hi Cheryl I’m 35 and peri menopausal. A positive mindset is key. I’ve come to terms with this phase of my life happening way younger than most women and for me it’s like my body is saying this is your time for you. It’s not about being a woman who can have children any more but it’s now my time for me. What do I want and most importantly what don’t I want. It’s actually very liberating when you embrace this new phase of life in a positive way x

Maria Allyn You are not alone. I truly believe that there is a silent epidemic of midlife women struggling to find clarity during this life stage. I’d like you to possibly shift your view on what you’re experiencing. Try to see midlife as a gift. We are now unencumbered and able to focus on finding our joy. Life is paving the way for self exploration; having a child is not an option, the children you do have are out of the house or on their way, your finances are somewhat stable and you’ve picked up some wisdom along the way. smile emoticon After decades of serving others, you can not serve yourself. Talk about freedom! There’s nothing wrong with retreating, in fact I encourage it. It’s important to disconnect from the distractions that begin when you wake up and reach for the phone and end with that last email check before bed. You can’t embrace this new chapter without making friends with the “new you” that is finding it’s wings. That can only be done by being quietly aware. Your stomach will flutter when a chance of joy is presented. It may be a ceramic class, learning the tango or joining a bowling league. Doors will open and when the do ,say YES! This is the time to chart your course and get in the drivers seat of your own life. Kudos on asking for help.

Cheryl Bass Maria Allyn I so lopve your connection to this phase being observed as a silent epidemic. Silence can bring about isolation and loneliness, whereas what we really need is support, love and empathy. Thank you for your kind comments x

Cheryl Bass Thank you ladies – I agree Maria Allyn – I think there is a silent epidemic of women struggling to find clarity at this stage of their lives.
I think it’s because your body is going through many things all at one stage – sleep patterns changing, hot sweats and the emotional roller coaster. They are all natural to that season in our lives and lives we normally demand so much of ourselves within.
So many women at this stage of their lives like me don’t have a mother or mother figure figure to speak to, which itself can bring up sadness.
I don’t think one size fits all in any of this. I think it’s more about listening to what we need. Listening to that still small voice within ourselves and finding patient loving people who can help you talk it all through for yourself and being patient with yourself.

Wendy Ismail Hi Cheryl, how lovely that many women have responded and shared their experience. I went through an early menopause at 42, precisely the time my 13 year old daughter was hitting puberty! Sometimes Mother Nature plays strange games with us! Anyway, my approach was supported by my doctor who suggested trying herbal remedies, exercise and a change in my eating habits. It’s not for everyone, but black cohosh worked for me. I am now a completely different person- physically, emotionally and mentally…although it has been far from easy at times! However, 10 years later I feel that I have survived the menopause and have a different approach to my life and well being. Everyone is different and sometimes it takes a while to find what works for you, so don’t give up ( not that you ever would!). Sharing experiences definitely helps, so any progress towards enabling women going through this to communicate and support each other certainly helps!

Sue Revell Cheryl/other ladies – I would be very pleased to introduce you to a friend of mine who runs Hot Flash Freedom Fighters! She helps ladies to get life back under control healthily and naturally. I haven’t used her services (yet) personally but she comes highly recommended in my circles.