The Top 7 Networking Tips To Help You Work Any Room Like A Pro!

December 4, 2016 | Business News

The Top 7 Networking Tips To Help You Work Any Room Like A Pro!

Networking is something many of us fear, but it’s invaluable for making contacts and creating opportunities in the world of business.

If networking strikes fear in your heart, you’re not alone! In terms of support and inspiration, I think networking is downright invaluable.

We have a lot to learn from our American counterparts, by early adulthood, most seem to have it down to a fine art: the offering of a firm handshake, the proffering of a business card, an open smile. Whereas us Brits sometimes act like wallflowers, nursing a warm glass of wine and wondering how soon they can escape to the comfort of their cosy homes.

If people don’t know who you are, you can’t start building a relationship with you. People need to KNOW, LIKE & TRUST YOU! If they don’t then there is no way they themselves will do business with you, let alone pass any of their cherished clients onto you.

The very best piece of advice I was given – which transformed my attitude to networking – was not to go into a roomful of strangers thinking: ‘What can I get out of this?’ But instead, to think: ‘What can I offer?’  This changes your mindset from a sort of desperation to a spirit of generosity. And this is when the magic happens,

Become the person others go to when they need something. Basically, it feels good to give, give, give, rather than be the ‘needy networker’.


1) Take business cards

This is so basic.

Offering a business card is a trade: you should get one in return. Don’t be the sad soul who left hers in her desk drawer for the umpteenth time.

2) Be the one with the memorably great handshake

Do people judge, instantly, from a handshake? Oh yes, every time. Firm. Dry. And with a steady gaze right in the eye. Bingo. I literally remember people by their handshake years later – and I guess I’m not alone.

3) Listen and connect

Use “what’s your story” as an ice-breaker – and give other people time to share theirs. All the time, be asking yourself: ‘What can I offer this person?’ Perhaps you can put them in touch with someone who’d be useful – appreciate that might not always be you. Only after you have listened to their story would you connect yours with theirs in how you describe yourself, what you do and your background story. If you find you have worked with clients in the same industry and have client testimonials that could help them, offer to send them onto them, making sure your follow-up to ensure their receipt and if you can support them further.

4) Next day, log your contacts

I’d estimate that at least half the people who exchange business cards never look at them again. Pre-schedule 30 minutes in your diary the morning after a networking event to follow up on contacts and add people to your address book, recording as much detail as possible.

5) Continue reaching  out

I often send an newspaper or magazine clipping if I think it would be interesting/useful to someone – and I’m always happy to tweet the business news of contacts, if it’s something I believe in.

6) Build solid relationships

Build solid relationships. Don’t expect overnight miracles from networking. It takes time for people to develop confidence in you and you need to invest in those relationships. Perhaps there are other events you could attend together in the future? If we all aim to be in business for a long time then we should invest in building long term, deep and solid business relationships

7) Remember that networking isn’t a competition

It’s not like the person who dies with the biggest collection of business cards wins. Networking should be about building real relationships, actively maintaining them – and above all, giving as much as you take.

Then, you never know, you may even find you get to like, rather than dread it.

Written by: Cheryl Bass MD I AM WOMAN
T: 07581 210 004