The top five benefits of women-only networking

October 1, 2018 | Business News

I started my career in women only networks and loved them. But for many women business owners, the term networking evokes a superficial, soulless exchange of cards that rarely leads to genuine new connections, or business.

Yet if you are running a business as a solo entrepreneur it can be lonely, and we all know getting out there is crucial to your company’s growth and success.

So here are the top five benefits you could be already enjoying by connecting with women-only networks.

  1. Women get you, because they know what it feels like walking in your shoes.

Women share what it’s really like to run your own business, the juggle and the struggle, including sick kids, more difficulty accessing capital and all the challenges we face. You can relax, let your hair down, say what you want unfiltered and share some laughs is undoubtedly a lot more fun.

  1. You can achieve actual results

Women-only groups say the high level of quality referrals is the next biggest benefit. “whenever I consider a new purchase I’ve used members’ services and recommended also recommend members to clients that directly brought them new business.”

  1. It’s a great way to find a mentor and business support services.

According to a LinkedIn study, 82 percent of women surveyed believe having a mentor is important, yet one out of five reports lacking this experience. Younger women are more likely to have received guidance and support from someone in their shoes: Just 34 percent of female boomers (45-66 years old) studied have had a woman mentor, while 51 percent of Gen Y (18-29) women have. At female-only networking events, attendees meet many seasoned, successful women ready and willing to help.

  1. It can help you build confidence.

Women-only events make it easier to show up authentically; with others genuinely cheering you on, women report experiencing a real boost of confidence. It can offer you a place to develop new skills while being fully accepted and supported by your tribe.

  1. It’s inspirational

Hearing the amazing stories of challenges overcome and lessons learned from other successful entrepreneurs is a huge motivator. I AM WOMAN also support women with Mastermind and our Entrepreneurial Acceleration programme called ASPIRE that can help them take the lift in business supported by like-minded women instead of walking the stairs alone.

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