Time to uncover your hidden treasure?

July 25, 2018 | Business News

Yesterday in I AM WOMAN we were exploring the ‘hidden treasures’ we have in our businesses that we tend to normally shun – you might be doing the same!

When it’s mentioned to you – “have you got a business plan?” do you just want to head for the nearest dark cupboard and hide in it lol?

I think boring coaches and business advisors have given the business plan a bad name because they make the process so utterly mind numbing.

They forget to share with you that your business plan uncovers your hidden treasures!

  • There is such treasure in realising that this business you own belongs to you and you never need to be bossed around by anyone again – your destiny is in your hands.
  • Your vision for your future can eventually be mapped out and realised
  • Your core values and business philosophy can be how you do business
  • You can choose the marketplace and people you do business in and with.
  • You can work at your own pace, take holidays when you like and even plan to pay yourself whatever you like.
  • You can develop a map to find your treasure, timing when you arrive at certain points where you collect lots of other treasures: awards, meet people you admire and want to get to know, learn how to do new things, see people grow, have fun doing what you love and collect golden nuggets of payments from people who you’ve made happy.

If you are still looking to uncover the hidden treasures in your life then a business plan is one of the awesome places to start your journey from and if you need help then do get in touch we would really enjoy helping you uncover your hidden treasures.

Written by: Cheryl Bass

E; info@iamwoman.biz

T: 07581 210 004