Who is interested in you anyway?

January 9, 2018 | Breaking News, Thought For The Day

Who is interested in you anyway? – isn’t that a sad and powerful statement?


For the past month I have enjoyed the luxury of having a mini retreat on the Pembrokeshire coastline in my luxury holiday lodge. Waking up every morning in the silence of the countryside, taking long walks by the sea, eating the good the bad and the ugly, having lots of rest and meditation time.

Starting off the New Year, we all look for a shift in our lives. Daring to believe what might be possible in the year ahead, Reflecting upon the year that’s past, letting go of the old and propelling thoughts connected with the new year ahead. Exploring what we would love to be doing and the people we would love to be doing it with.

I’ve been looking back at 2017 at the patterns that keep repeating themselves in my life and how I am responding to them. Exploring these patters to see if they helped or hindered me.

Becoming familiar with our unique social conditioning is so incredibly illuminating and powerful.

When stuff goes wrong for me, I loose my voice. I disappear. Under stress I baton down the hatches and just get on with stuff believing it’s only me that can get this done or sorted. I’ve uncovered that deep within my belief structure I’ve stored how unimportant I am and that life’s all about others.

Growing up for me was an experience of being around people who were busy with work, each other, resented me being around or just other stuff that took priority. I learnt to develop the skills of self reliance, building external relationships outside of my family, not to ask for my needs to be met, to stay in the background and to see myself as the one that made other peoples lives work, regardless of the true cost to me, my future, my vocation etc etc

This social conditioning makes for a great entrepreneur and the building of resilience, but not a healthy balance between self and others.

It also creates a bullshit barometer experience where you put up with too much bullshit from others, where in reality you should have drawn that line in the sand earlier. Your social conditioning could mean that in your life people just take you for granted, walk all over you, don’t priorities your needs and you just let them get away with stuff because you have been socially conditioned to live with and through it to survive.

Who bullshits you in your life and why?

It’s taken me 56 years to dig deep enough and work with the Holy Spirit that lives in me to accept this revelation (you might work i meditation with other universal forces or not – whatever works for you – I invite you to explore you)

I didn’t just didn’t know this feeling of my lack of self importance was there! A big fat negative belief of being unimportant in life. It’s a bit like finding out of date food in the fridge lol!

Unravelling where this presented itself in my life again was another revelation.

In I AM WOMAN I am all about promoting others and feel uncomfortable sharing me. Some of the work, the people I work with and the outstanding things we achieve is just awesome. I’d recognised that I just wasn’t sharing the very best version of me and never could figure out why, until now that is!

How might your beliefs be determining your success or failure?

As women we overlook us, we juggle so much and put so many other peoples care needs before our own, I wonder if we stop and think who is interested in me and when life gets tough in life do you loose interest in what’s really important to you, your success, your happiness and your joy?

I started to ask myself the question do I really know what’s in my heart? If I am to connect my heart with what I love doing what beliefs about myself do I need to embrace? What beliefs are true and what beliefs are connected with fear? (false evidence appearing real).

In 2018 I am believing that I will find my voice – daily again and it will be translated into many products and offer me a prosperous living. I must admit what I just wrote I had to go back into the text and write because my conditioning keeps me putting others needs before my own lol!

I believe I will be very important in the lives of women in business on a global scale and we are going to open up the floodgates of women achieving off the scale results by simply believing in and achieving what was always possible for them, but never embraced.

Take a moment look around you how many people of the people you surround yourself with believe in you or even interested in you?

When was the last time you had a conversation with someone and you really felt that they ‘got you’?

What I have discovered is that it’s the beliefs we hold about ourselves will be the very things that will either hold us back or propel us forward.

Our core beliefs can be so well hidden they almost need to be prized out of us. Sometimes it’s only by drilling down on our behaviour can we get to the ‘stuff’ that’s holding us back that will be linked to the negative beliefs that are holding us back.


Everybody has the power to change their hearts, lives, friends, material world, financial status etc etc but it will all start with knowing the impact that our beliefs have upon our success or failure. Here are some useful ideas for you to reflect upon;

  • Whether you believe you can or can’t you will make yourself right.
  • So as you believe so you will be.
  • Seeing is believing – so start looking out for believable and credible role models who can show you the way
  • Be clear about what you want in your life, believe in it, draw it into your mind daily, write or draw it out and put it where you can see it every day and ask God and the universe to conspire with you to achieve it.
  • Embrace change like your favourite food that you can’t wait to get your teeth into.
  • Have faith to accept the forward pull of hope in your life, struggling against it and sitting in a hopelessness pit takes far more energy than living in the flow of prosperity.
  • Success breeds success so celebrate your successes daily, no matter how small they might be.
  • Recognise that you might not be where you ultimately want to be, but at least you aren’t stuck where you were.
  • When your in the shit just keep moving forward, don’t ever be tempted to stay there. Once it dries it takes forever to get off and rid of!

If you would enjoy exploring this and more in your life I would love to chat to you and book some time in for you to enjoy a mini retreat here in Pembrokeshire with me. Come some one-to-one time together enjoying digging deep in you and planting some awesome seedlings in 2018 in your life.

Your future starts today:

Author Cheryl Bass
E: info@iamwoman.biz