Why are we so scared to stay authentic to being a woman in business?

March 13, 2017 | Breaking News, Thought For The Day

This morning I got to thinking about all the pressures that are upon women to be the same as men in business, as though being the same as a man in business offers to us anything that is more important than being ourselves as women in business!

I hear repeatedly that women must be:

– Tough
– Independent
– Authoritative
– Strong
– Stay totally focused
– Directive

I got to thinking about a tool box and wondering how useful the tools would be if there was only one type that did exactly the same things as the next!

Why can’t women stay authentic to their nature in business?

Why can’t women be valued for being different to men?

So that they can offer the skills of being:

– Gentle
– Interdependence
– Inclusive decision making
– Flexible
– Working intuitively and changing direction to respond to synergistic opportunities and change
– Servant style leadership

Just a thought!

Cheryl Bass