Your souls calling you, you know!

January 25, 2018 | Thought For The Day

Your souls calling you, you know!

In the afternoon of your life, you don’t do life. You do what resonates with the callings of your soul. Wyane DyerYou enter this earth as a soul with an eternal perspective, but what happens next?

Our families, our communities, our friends, our partners, our choices, how we choose to work or not, situations and experiences shapes our soul and our faith in ourselves and others.

All of the above impacts upon us from the perspective of us wanting to:

  • Fit in
  • Not stand out
  • Be accepted
  • Conform
  • Look successfull

But at what cost to your soul?

What price are you prepared to pay to make your life work on the external? Is the external approval of others more important to you than the feeding of your soul?

Is having faith in yourself all about self-satisfaction of your souls hopes and desires?

So many people in business are brought down in so many ways because they ignore what their soul yearns for, they:

  • Use stuff to keep going like drink, drugs and live on the hope that the moneys going to come to fix everything.
  • They work night and day in the hope that on the outside their life works and their boss or peers think they have what it takes.
  • Their families and relationships fall apart, if they don’t fall apart before them.

Life offers us so many red light warning signals:

  • Sickness, why is there so much ME, mental health issues and Alzheimers disease?
  • Recognition that we’ve made the wrong choices in haste to fix something else that wasn’t working.
  • Depression and the inability to come with reality or normality.

I wonder if we all need to do more soul-searching in our lives to ensure that we are doing in our lives fits with our souls. To start thinking about what we are putting before our souls well-being. We came to this earth with nothing and will leave with nothing, so why on the in-between are we so hung up with our accumulations.

What are your accumulations? – house, car, business success, money? But what is the ‘real’ price you are paying for them or because of them?

When people set-up in business I feel it’s so critical for them to see their whole lives as a plan and not to just focus on ‘the business plan’. Life itself needs to be factored into your plans. perhaps we need ‘the life plan’. So that each year we factor in time and focus we offer each of our priorities, what we expect to invest and what returns we expectant of.

So many people get stretched in so many directions, with very little focus upon their souls, they just ‘get-by’ and it’s a survival from one year, feeling that they did good to ‘just survive’ and reach a stage of mental and physical exhaustion.

Is it time you did some soul-searching to uncover what your soul is screaming out for and how you can build a future that feeds you, excites you and contributes to your passion and purpose in life?

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Author: Cheryl Bass


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