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Want to master your day and design a life and business your completely inspired by and obsessed with?

Book & Join Us 6.00pm Tuesday March 26th 2019

Mercure Holland House Hotel, Cardiff. CF24 0DD


We all want to achieve entrepreneurial success - but how does that all work?
Entrepreneurs understand the power of self discipline and consistency!
If you can master your mornings you create mental clarity that sets the tone for your day.
Discover how to begin your day on the vibration of love and gratitude.
Book and learn how to create your very own morning routine that will set you up for success!

Discover how to design a life and business that you are completely obsessed with!

Our aim is to equip you with the right mindset and all the tools you will need to plan your future success!

You might be starting or growing your business, a member or a visitor, whoever you are or wherever you are coming from we would love you to join us and do business with our friendly and supporting women in business who will leave you inspired, motivated and feeling just WOW!

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Visitors: £25.00
Members: £15.00

The Programme For This Truly Inspiring Evening


6.00pm Cocktail & Canape Networking Reception

Rub Toes with like-minded business women exploring the 'how' to 'do' business together.

7.00pm Opening Welcome Cheryl Bass

Cheryl is an Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur who has worked with world leaders and world ranking entrepreneurs, alongside helping women to start and grow highly profitable businesses in search of time and financial freedom. She is One of The Top 100 Brilliant Women of Britain two years running and Author, Speaker and Media Presenter

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7.30pm Networking & Speed Networking

Introduce, Connect & Do Business!

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7.45pm Tracey Jones - So As You Think So You Will Be!

"I look forward to sharing with you how by you getting your mind in order, you will get your life in order.

If you are not achieving your goals at the moment it's probably because you are not staying focused on what they are and keeping focused every day to get yourself one step closer to them.

I will be helping you to develop powerful tips and tricks you can use daily to help you clarify your goals, clear your mind of all the negative garbage and how to stay focused on achieving your goals - let's do this!" 

8.00pm Althea Collymore - Plan It, Do It, Achieve It!

" I am going to be working very intensively with you to enable me to share with you how I achieve the pronominal achievements I do in a day. I juggle a small child, a full-time job, I'm a Musical Director with my husband in our church and I am starting an online YouTube channel, so managing my time and my priorities is so very essential.

I have developed a technique of working where I pro-plan by 'block-booking' my time that I am going to love to share with you. I set key priorities daily and 'block-book' what I need to achieve with powerful results"

8.30pm Q&A

This is where all of your questions get answered!

9.00pm Close

Join us in the bar to:
Meet the Speakers
Chat, Network, Make Appointments & Do Business!

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