I AM WOMAN is a ‘heart centred’ family of aspiring women in business, management and leadership, who motivate, inspire, empower and support one another through its network of Business Clubs and On-line Forums.

We exist to walk alongside aspiring women, supporting them to flourish and achieve their goals.


We pride ourselves in being ‘The’ Business Professional Family for Aspiring Women, renowned for fast tracking women’s business success.

Belonging to an I AM WOMAN Business Club is like having a team of quality referral business partners, advisers, trainers, supporters and a sales team at your disposal. Members share a passion to see each other prosper, profit, grow and enjoy collaborating in the delivery of their services and products.

Meetings are held on a monthly basis throughout the UK throughout the year, with an exception of August and December.

One membership entitles women to attend any other group in any other part of the country. Therefore enabling women to grow their business contacts geographically very quickly.

Each meeting starts at 6:30pm with a Cocktail and Canapé Networking Reception, where women can expect to be introduced to ‘like-minded’ women looking to do business with women just like them. The networking then moves into speed networking and then into hearing from three leading female experts, delivering the ‘how’ to personal and business development and growth.

Our annual programme is recognised by ilm as a entrepreneurial development programme for women, enabling our members to use our events as part of their Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

  • Women who want to learn the 'how' of running a successful business and who need to build quality referral business partnerships. We support women to raise their profile, move their business to the next level and want to be seen as the go-to-person in their industry sector.

  • Women who want develop their public speaking, marketing, business, social media and sales skills in a supportive and none threatening environment.

  • Women who want to become published authors.We offer our Members a whole host of publishing opportunities, including the opportunity of contributing a chapter once a year within an anthology book. This immediately positions our Members as published authors and seen the 'go-to' person in their industry, locally, nationally and Internationally. Leading them into developing the confidence to write their own books in the future.

  • Women who want to develop new business and to be able to develop this new business by starting conversations, leading to business referrals being generated in an atmosphere of rapport and trust.

  • Women who want to have a sounding board for their new ideas, problems, challenges, successes and those down days!

  • Women who want to develop confidence who run their own businesses or who are employed in a leadership role in a larger organisation.

  • Women who want to achieve that sense of belonging, who knows that there is a safe pair of hands that can show them the way to get to where they want to get to.

Invitations to Attend Monthly Events

Offering networking opportunities with like-minded women from all walks of life, who have a mutual interest in succeeding, alongside helping you develop your confidence, skills, experience and knowledge. The content of our monthly events is recognised by ilm as a entrepreneurial development programme for women, enabling you to use these events as part of your ongoing CPD.

Marketing You And Your Business

We help you raise your Google rankings by loading your business profile into our Marketplace on our website. We then market your business profile url on our social media platforms. This markets you to a wider audience, drives traffic to your current website or can be used as a profile builder for you if you just want to raise your personal profile.

You can also benefit from pushing your news, business updates and special offers through our App that interlinks with your profile held on-line within our marketplace. This drives new business to you, raises your profile, lifts your Google rankings and drives aditional traffic into your social media platforms

3 FREE 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

Delivered at your pace, focussing on your needs, helping you talk through your challenges and supporting you to expand your vision and the business opportunities open to you.

FREE Monthly Master Classes

Enabling you to update your skills and knowledge in subjects that include finance, social media, vision boarding, marketing, customer service, personal branding, stress management and health and nutrition.

Help You Become A Published Author

Be part of an inspiring movement of women, taking the journey together of publishing books online and now in paperback. We would love you to find your voice as an author, sharing in a wave of marketing activity leading up to and post International Women’s Day, raising your development bar way above anything you could have possibly imagined.

Facebook Forums

Problem solve and chat with other women.

Free Advertising and Promotional Opportunities

Publish what you need to say about your business and advertise your special offers and promotions in our online magazine.

Access Student Memberships of ilm when you are registered with ilm on our 'Aspire' development programme


Enabling you to review and reflect on your learning with the support of other women.

Achieve a Sense of Belonging

Be part of a heart centred organisation of women who genuinely care about your success.


Our Membership Packages:

Standard Individual Membership - £495.00

Online Individual Membership - £495.00

Monthly Individual Membership - £55.00 per month

(Paid by 12 monthly direct debit instalments of £55 per month, which includes 1 regional meeting attendance per month)

Corporate Business Club Membership - £550.00

Regional / Sponsorship Membership - £1000.00


To join I AM WOMAN, please contact one of our friendly
I AM WOMAN team by:

Telephoning: 07581 210 004 or