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Starting or running any business can be tough. waking up with that feeling that you don't know enough, can't do enough or just aren't enough can really get you down.

You might love what you do, but turning it into a profit making enterprise just eludes you.

How people do business is significantly changing. More and more people:

  • work from home
  • run more than one business
  • recognise that their website is their shop window to the world
  • are solo-preneurs and need to lead, manage and do so much
  • need to develop themselves as a brand and market online.

The old model of working in an office from 9-5 just doesn't seem to excite people anymore. You could be looking for :

  • time freedom and flexible working hours
  • financial freedom
  • the freedom to work with who you want to work with
  • an opportunity to play and stay at the top of 'your' game
  • the freedom to achieve your personal goals and ambitions

Your business will only grow as fast as you do! So if you feel you have come to a stand still, or worse still going backwards then it's time to stop and refocus and get the support you need to make the significant changes you need to make to start generating the significant profits you know both you and your business is capable of generating.

The programme is delivered starting Monday June 24th 2019 from 9.30am to 1.00pm and will run for ten consecutive Mondays. The group size of each programme is 8 women maximum. And will take place in Bridgend in our founders renovated farmhouse, offering a very intimate and relaxed environment.


Our programme is endorsed by The Institute of Leadership & Management, enabling you to use your attendance on this programme as part of your ongoing Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

The programme is truly inspiring and has been born out of Cheryl Bass's (our founders) award winning research carried out in Durham University in 2001.

This creative programme of learning is fun, educational, reflective and action packed with sound theory and current business knowledge and experiences.

It is delivered by highly successful women in business and is supported by:

  • Highly interactive materials delivered online to your in-box.
  • Your personal learning log.
  • A raft of business tools including business plans, development plans, personal performance plans .............
  • Interviews with like-minded women that you can relate to and learn from.
  • A online business support forum.
  • Access to a l learning zone which includes hundreds of management, leadership and entrepreneurial e-learning sessions, video tutorials, guides, research and fact sheets.
  • Online 24/7 support, advice, top tips sharing, fun and interactivity.
  • On completion of the programme you are then invited to join our monthly Master Mind Master Classes - helping you keep on track and keep your motivation and accountability to achieve your aspirations driving forward.

For women like you who:

  • Are setting-up, growing, managing or leading in business and who want to learn the 'how' to be the best version of themselves to achieve maximum business success and profitability.

  • Want to scale up their business by embracing the utilisation of new technologies, online marketing and social media techniques.
  • Recognise they need to template their aspirations, test their feasibility, know the numbers they need to optimise their financial success.

  • Want to refocus their business and get smarter doing what they do.

  • Know they are capable of doing more, being more and achieving more if they have access to the 'right' support and guidance.


PLAYING & STAYING AT THE TOP OF YOUR GAME contains ten core units that offers you the 'how' in business in simple yet powerful ways, delivered creatively by multi-award winning entrepreneur Cheryl Bass.

You will quickly realise you have the ability to become a 'game-changer' in business.

You will become more 'self aware' to enable you to recognise how to overcome your programmed sabotages to your success formed in early childhood that keeps you re-running how you do what you do and that keeps you from moving forward and achieving the success you desire, but somehow never attain.

You will discover what 'your game' is all about, how to win and how to develop a business that plays by your rules and helps you achieve your personal goals.

You will learn how to achieve a profitable start-up and scale-up of your business venture. 

You will be tested on your reality, you will be challenged on your ideas, perspective and assumptions and supported within a loving space so that you build clarity and confidence to help you start and continue building your business template to success.

This programme is endorsed by The Institute of Leadership & Management at L5. For an additional £60.00 you have the option to be certified by The Institute of Leadership & Management and to become a 'full member' of the institute, be accredited to have initials after your name (MInstLM) and access all of the full member benefits for a year via your participation in this I AM WOMAN signature programme, normally (£150.00)

The topics covered include:

ENTREPRENEURIAL PLAYGROUNDS, PLAYING & PRISONS! ... discover 'how' to become a game changer in what you do.

BELIEVING I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR! ... transform from surviving to thriving by developing unshakeable self belief in yourself as a powerful and potent entrepreneur.

BRANDING MY MAGIC! ... you are one of a kind, unique, but what's brand you translated into business?. Discover 'how' to work-out your personal and business brand.

PLAY LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR! ... if you are standing still you are really going backwards. Discover the 'how' to accelerate your business success.

THINK LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR! ... so as you think, so you will be! Let's start thinking and drawing into our lives what we desire, not what we dread!

PRICELESS MONEY LESSONS! ... discover the 'how' to be the mistress of your finances before they become your master!

SHARPENING UP MY GAME! ... 'how' to achieve phenomenal results working with others.

BUSINESS HARMONY ... learn the 'how' of creating harmony across all of your business growth aspirations.

EMBRACING & RELEASING MY INNER CELEBRITY! ... connecting up the dots to discover and promote your inner celebrity to sparkle way beyond your competitors shadows.

PLAY AND STAY AT THE TOP OF YOUR GAME! ... discover 'how' to enjoy playing and staying on top in business

On your successful completion of the programme you will be invited to join our monthly Master Mind Master Classes to ensure we offer you an environment of loving support and accountability to help you stay on-track and moving forward constantly reviewing, evaluating and re-establishing your business direction and business success measures. 

  • This programme is free if you are a Member of I AM WOMAN and can be booked by booking below. If you are not an I AM WOMAN Member we would invite you join us and to benefit from this unique learning opportunity. Membership is just £495.00 per year and unlocks free coaching/mentoring, additional Master Classing opportunities, online forums, speaking and marketing opportunities and so much more.
  • This is an integral part of I AM WOMAN and can be delivered as part of an individual mentoring programme, carousel of learning or delivered as units or a whole programme in an external organisation.
  • Discover more about about ASPIRE please email us info@iamwoman.biz.

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