Are you interested in starting-up an I AM WOMAN Business Networking Club in your town or city?

Interested in starting-up and I AM WOMAN Business Networking Club in your town/city in 2017 and becoming one of our dynamic team of I AM WOMAN Business Club Directors in the UK?

Are you interested in becoming one of our I AM WOMAN Business Networking Club Directors and being the face of  I AM WOMAN in your town/city?

We are looking to support five women set-up just five I AM WOMAN Business Networking Clubs throughout the UK in 2017 and to facilitate this, we have discounted our franchising licence investment from £14,995 to just £9,995.00.

The licence of £9,995.00 is a one-off fee that would enable you to be trained and equipped to run an I AM WOMAN Business Networking Club in your area. You can expect to convert at least five sponsors and fifty members per year. This offers you the chance to increase your income by nearly £30,000.00 per year, helps you raise your business profile and discover lots more skills, as you support other women in business to grow.

You ideally would be already running your own business but looking for an additional income stream and someone who can clearly recognise the importance of developing business relationships via networking and developing women so as that they can develop their businesses faster.

We want to develop a network of dynamic women across the UK who have a desire to encourage, support, motivate and facilitate the success of other women in business.

Is this you?

Who is this for?

We are actively looking for women who:

  • Are Coaches, Mentors, Trainers, Facilitators

    Do you have a desire to help women in business by connecting, supporting, inspiring and motivating them?

  • Have Networking Experience

    Do you have networking experience and do you see the benefits face-to-face marketing has in women's businesses?

  • Have Presentation Skills

    Do you enjoy leading meetings, introducing yourself and others within an uplifting, interactive and highly motivational meeting?

  • Want to Earn Additional Income

    Are you interested in earning an income from being one of our dynamic team of UK based Ambassadors?

  • Are Interested in Developing Themsleves and Others

    Are you interested in developing new skills and knowledge and imparting that to others to facilitate their personal and business success?

  • Are Social Media Savvy

    Do you enjoy communicating using social media? We do! And it's how we connect with women.  Wherever they are and like to be, we walk alongside them.

What you'd be investing in...

...and what you can expect in return!

Become a Celebrity

By helping women develop their business networks and skills.

Raise Your Profile

Be seen as our I AM WOMAN Ambassador in your area and let us help you elevate your profile and reputation.

Develop Yourself

We will enjoy equipping you with new skills to help you host our events.

Make Money

Enjoy earning an extra income from hosting an I AM WOMAN Business Club in your town or city.

Celebrate Your Success

Join our I AM WOMAN team and celebrate the success of your club launch with us.

Enjoy Yourself!

Have fun hosting and helping women in business become successful and profitable.

Want To Discover More?

If you would like to discover more about this exciting opportunity we would love to speak to you. Just drop us an email: to arrange a 1-2-1 chat.

We look forward to exploring how you could join our dynamic team of women by becoming one of our I AM WOMAN Business Club Directors and hosting I AM WOMAN Business Club events in your town/city.

We can chat through what your expectations are and for us to get to know you. We can discuss how you can use this opportunity create an additional income stream, support the development of your personal and business profile as well as draw a new audience to your other business interests.

Want to discover more?

Please contact one of our friendly I AM WOMAN team:

Tel. 02920 351 533