ASPIRE is an entrepreneurial  development programme created specifically for aspiring women in business to help them achieve the 'how' skills in business that lead to optimum personal success alongside accelerated business growth and profitability.

Starting-up a business is very challenging. You might have made a decision to be your own boss based upon you having a core talent and wanting to make a business success from it. But very quickly you realise that you might be super talented in your core talent area, but have huge skills gaps in the 'how' of running a business profitably.

Or you might have already set-up a business or running somebody elses business and recognise that to get you and the business to the next level then your going to need support, guidance, direction, skills and confidence to enable you to feel empowered to get to where you ASPIRE to be.



ASPIRE is recognised by ilm as a entrepreneurial development programme for women, enabling our members to use our events as part of their Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

The programme is truly inspiring and has been born out of our Founders Award Winning Research that helps women to address their personal sabotages to their entrepreneurial success, programmed from their childhood experiences. These sabotages are addressed within each entrepreneurial development theme. Ensuring that as our learners adventure through our ASPIRE programme they address both their entrepreneurial and business development alongside addressing their personal issues which might be sabotaging their success.

This creative programme of learning is fun, educational, reflective and action packed with sound theory and current business knowledge and experiences.

It is delivered by highly successful women in business and is supported by:

  • Your personal learning log.
  • Interviews with like-minded women that you can relate to and learn from.
  • Highly interactive materials delivered online to your in-box.
  • The ilm learning zone which includes hundreds of management, leadership and entrepreneurial e-learning sessions, video tutorials, guides, research and fact sheets.
  • Access to 1.000's of management books and magazines online.
  • Online 24/7 support, advice, top tips sharing, fun and interactivity.

For women who are:

  • Considering setting-up, growing, managing or leading in business and who want to learn the 'how' to achieve maximum business success and profitability.

  • Considering a move into a new role in business and eager to learn leading edge 'how' techniques.

  • Women at a crossroads in their lives wanting to explore business as an option.


ASPIRE contains eleven core units that offers learners the 'how' in business in simple yet powerful ways, delivered creatively by women who are genuinely passionate to cascade their knowledge, skills and experience. This enables everyone who takes part in the programme to up skill themselves very quickly and to put into action their new ideas and learning straight away.

Our content is recognised by ilm as a entrepreneurial development programme for women, enabling you to use these events as part of their ongoing CPD.

WALKING IN MY SHOES! ... our families and stories can define our success or failure, discover 'how' your past is defining your future

HOW TO BRAND A NEW YOU! ... you are one of a kind, unique, but what's brand you translated into business?. Discover 'how' to work your personal and business brand

HOW TO LOOK GOOD AND FEEL GREAT! ... your health is your wealth, learn 'how' to be remembered for all of the right reasons

HOW TO UNLEASH YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT! ... where your mind goes - your body follows. Discover the 'how' of profiting from unleashing your entrepreneurial spirit.

HOW TO ACCELERATE YOUR BUSINESS FOOTPRINT! ... if you are standing still you are really going backwards. Discover the 'how' to accelerate your business success.

WOMEN, MONEY AND MUCH MUCH MORE! ... discover the 'how' to be the mistress of your finances before they become your master!

HOW TO DANCE WITH FROGS! ... 'how' to achieve phenomenal results working with others

HOW TO ENJOY SELLING! ... learn the 'how' of selling you and the products you sell

HOW TO NETWORK! ... networking is the fastest method for creating new business, discover the 'how' to achieve networking success

HOW TO EMBRACE AND RELEASE THE CELEBRITY IN YOU! ... in business we need to be seen, to develop a business profile and celebrate our valuable uniqueness, discover 'how'

HOW TO PLAY AND STAY AT THE TOP OF YOUR GAME! ... discover 'how' to enjoy playing and staying on top in business

  • ASPIRE is an integral part of I AM WOMAN Business Club meetings, but can be delivered as part of an individual mentoring programme, carousel of learning or delivered as units or a whole programme in an external organisation. 

  • To discover more about about ASPIRE our Entrepreneurial Development Programme for Women please email us, we would love to hear from you

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