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Since I AM WOMAN was founded we have been kindly sponsored by BPU Chartered Accountants.

Dawn Bevan is a founder I AM WOMAN Member and  has been with BPU for 10 years and was brought in to help expand the firm’s client base.

Prior to joining the firm, Dawn spent 16 years with a medium-sized firm of Chartered Accountants in Bridgend, 11 years as Audit Manager.

At BPU Dawn is part of the legal team and her client base is mainly made up of family-owned companies and un-incorporated businesses, but also includes Charities, government-funded organisations and professional practices. Dawn’s work has involved general business advice as well as traditional auditing / accounts and taxation work.

BPU are more than happy to invest their time in meeting new companies and businesses on a non-obligation basis, willing to discuss any areas or concerns that you and your business may be facing as well as discussing your future plans, delighted to make recommendations on how best you can achieve these with the right financial advice and support.

They are happy to meet with you face-to-face or online to offer you a free business review which can provide pointers on ways in which businesses can both improve their performance and reduce tax liabilities,

A typical business review will cover the following:

  1. Business Structure
    This will identify whether the business should be run as a limited company, a sole trade or partnership or a formal limited liability partnership.
  2. Allocation of Shareholdings/Partnership Share
    We will review the way in which profits are distributed between related owners to ensure that tax allowances are maximised.
  3. Remuneration Strategy
    We will check the way in which monies are withdrawn from the business. In the case of limited companies we will look at payment by dividends as opposed to salaries.
  4. Company Cars
    There are significant tax liabilities around the way in which company cars are provided for business owners. We will provide a company comparison between business and private ownership of company cars.
  5. Value Added Tax
    There are several VAT schemes which can help to improve the cashflow of the business. For example it is possible to opt not to pay over VAT on sales until the customer pays you!
  6. Business Book-keeping
    We strongly advocate that businesses should produce their own internal management accounts. This is to enable them to quickly monitor progress. We are happy to provide training to staff in the use of standard accounting packages and also provide a helpline to enable accounts staff to deal with processing queries.
  7. Capital Expenditure
    The timing of capital expenditure can have a significant impact on tax liabilities. We review current plans and provide advice as appropriate.
  8. General Advice
    During the course of the meeting we also hope to answer and deal with any other financial queries specific to the business concerned.

To book your free Initial Review Meeting or for further information regarding any of the above please contact: Louise Williams, BPU's Marketing Manager, by telephoning 029 2073 4100

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