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Women join us for so many different reasons...

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    We introduce you to a new pool of people who can include your ideal customers, suppliers, we share our customers and networks with you and encourage you to collaborate to achieve bigger and better results by YOU REALLY CONNECTING!


    By surrounding yourself with women who lift you higher, show you the how, listen and help you overcome your challenges, share resources, direct you and can teach you through their successes how to get things done, YOU GROW!


    We provide you with spaces where networking naturally happens. Sometimes you are offered a straightforward introduction to a potential supplier or customer, sometimes it's at an event where you meet like-minded women, sometimes it's speed-networking, signposting, 1-2-1 support, all helping you BUILD YOUR NETWORK!


    We help you get to grips with all things business from online selling to how to plan, shape and realise your individual goals. We teach you what you need to know to stay one step ahead of your competitors.YOU'LL LEARN HOW TO GET FROM WHERE YOU ARE NOW TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE!


    We help you understand how technology and social media works and offer you real life role modelling opportunities to chose, build and profit from a wide variety of platforms that are right for you. Yes YOU WILL BUILD BUSINESS ONLINE!


    You can take the shortcut to success, we introduce you to women who generously share their stories, life lessons, personal insights and their how in business across all aspects of business growth, so you can CATAPULT YOUR SUCCESS!

Annual I AM WOMAN Membership £697.00 - but is worth thounsands of £'s

When you join I AM WOMAN you are committing yourself to a programme of business growth for one whole year.

You will shift from confusion to clarity and make your dreams and aspirations a reality.

You will start goal-setting and start establishing accountability targets.

You'll receive support to access the who and what you need to grow yourself and your business.

Self-sabotaging has no place here, we will encourage you get transparent, get present, get strong, heal wounds that hold you back and start achieving your success goals.

You'll actively market, network to promote yourself, attract new business, access face-to-face business coaching, learn new skills and share your expertise.

You'll meet and learn from the experience of top business women.

You'll get clear, get motivated and get ongoing feedback to help you keep scaling your business.

  • Access To Pre-Book I AM WOMAN Live Events - CONNECT - LEARN - GROW

  • Three Ninty Minute Business Coaching Sessions with Cheryl Bass ( Worth £375.00)

  • Business And Personal Development Review, Plan & Guide

  • Signed Paperback Copy - Annual 15 Minutes A Day Manifesting Journal (Worth £18.88)

  • Professional Speaking, Showcasing, Exhibiting and Pop-Up-Shop Opportunities

  • Weekly Online I AM WOMAN Academy Master Class Events (Worth £15.00 x 48 = £720.00)

  • ASPIRE Programme one-on-one individual unit of your choice (Worth £497.75)

  • Access online to live and recorded I AM WOMAN interviews with global entrepreneurs & leaders.

  • Two Houre Financial Advice From BPU Chartered Accountants (Worth £300.00)

  • Enjoy Our Business Club Events

    Enjoy our live I AM WOMAN Events meet and enjoy going business with like-minded, ambitious entrepreneurial women.  

  • Raise Your Profile

    We equip you with the skills you need and technology know how to market brand you and your business to a global audience. We help you to develop your speaker profile and offer speaking opportunities at our live and  online Academy Master Class Events, help you to showcase your talent, experience and skills.

  • Grow Your Business - Access Fast Growth Business Coaching

    Your three business coaching sessions offer you the unique opportunity to get the support you need, tailored just for you, as and when you need it, helping you unlock your sabotages, challenges and confusion.

    You'll be supported to spot previously hidden opportunities by exploring your real business environment, your target customers and how to reach them, your market positioning and competitors. 

  • Start Manifesting Your Wishes, Desires & Goals

    Start visualising, organising, prioritising and manifesting your business goals with your signed paperback copy of 'Your 15 Minutes A day Manifesting Journal'. What you desire, desires you. We help you to make manifesting part of your business must do's and must haves.

  • Enjoy Our Weekly Online Academy Master Classes

    We help you access your 'how skills' in business, whether you are starting or upscaling your business we help you stay one step ahead by introducing you to highly successful female role models who generously share with you their techniques, skills and experiences, what's more you are encouraged to ask questions to ensure you can apply all the learning to your particular business.

  • Accelerate Your Learning

    Access a unit of your choice from our Award Winning Entrepreneurial Programme Aspire, dig deep on a topic of your choice and accelerate your understanding, learning and business results.

  • Enjoy Our Online Forums

    The world is a very small place and women can now attract new customers anywhere in the world. When you join I AM WOMAN we engage you with an audience of thousands of women.

  • Become A Published Author

    We encourage you to become a published author working with Amazon and equip you with the knowledge, resources and access to people who can get your story and books into all of the right places. We also teach you how to use your book to leverage high paid business delivery opportunities.

  • Enjoy Our Online Learning Zone

    Enjoy accessing our resources that tackle the hot topics, stimulate debate and reveal the latest business trends. Our online Learning Zone features video seminars, learning modules and essential subject overviews.


I AM WOMAN Membership starts at just £697.00 per year.

When you invest in an I AM WOMAN Membership, you are investing in us as a family, supporting you and your business for a whole year.  

Your business will only grow as fast as you do. In I AM WOMAN we help you unblock your personal sabotages to your success alongside equipping you with everything you need to know to enable you and your business to flourish.

When you join I AM WOMAN you join a family of women who genuinely care about you and your success. 

Our philosophy is "when you actively do business with a woman you help a woman to realise her dreams, you help a family, you change a community and ultimately you can help change the world for women in business!."

If you want to make a 'real' difference to your world and your business, join I AM WOMAN today. We can't wait to start helping you and your business to flourish!