Are you ready to make one small simple change or any change at all for that matter?

March 22, 2017 | Thought For The Day, WELLNESS


Sue Worrall recently wrote “that’s it’s easier to change religions than to change our living and eating habits!” and I think she is spot on!

They also say where the mind goes the body follows!
Well I have had enough of my mind making my body do things that make me put on weight. Or should I say not loose weight!
I have had a stone that I put on two years ago that I have not been able to shift and I am fed up with it. I have also recognised that as I’m getting older I am seizing up. So drastic action has been taken.
I’ve weighed myself and shamed myself on my bathroom mirror and so I have posted up the next couple of pounds I need to drop and there is no way I am putting a post it up again in front of the numbers demonstrating I have put a pound back on.
So far I have lost just one pound in one week – whhhhhaaaat!
What I have noticed is how many people are up early and in the gym – 6.30am I am out and I mange to swim half a mile every other morning. When I leave my mind is more focused and when I drop into Tesco I’m just picking up healthier snacks.
This month in I AM WOMAN we are all about LOOKING GOOD FEELING GREAT! I know since I made this small simple step in my life I feel more of a conqueror and less of a victim in my pursuit to drop a stone.
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Wish my luck as I wave this weight goodbye!
Cheryl Bass
Creator & Founder I AM WOMAN